Sputter Plasma
Welcome to the Sputtering Target Manufacturing Company, STMC

CUSTOM CERAMIC SPUTTER TARGETS IN 7 TO 10 DAYS ! STMC specializes in the manufacturer of multi-component ceramic targets of optical, electronic, piezo and ferroelectric, superconductor and fuel cell materials for researchers everywhere.

We provide low-cost metal and metal alloy sputtering targets, laser ablation, cathodic arc, evaporation and e-beam sources in more than 200 compositions. Quality is assured by our complete process controls, from powder synthesis, through densification, machining, bonding and full characterization.

YBCO target ready for bond
OUR SPECIALTY - Ceramic Sputtering Targets

IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU NEED PLEASE ASK! We are proud to feature the following list and we add more materials every week. Al2O3 BiNi.5Mn.5Ox La1.9Sr.1CuO4 PbTiO3 TiO2 Al2O3/SiO3 Ca.16Sr.82Cu2O2 LaAlO3 PbZrOx WO3 B12Sr1.6La.4CuOx CaTiO3 LaMnO3 Pr.7Ca.3MnO3 YBa2Cu3Ox Ba.5Sr.5TiO3 CeO2 LaNiO3 PrMnO3 YMnO3 Ba.6Sr.4TiO3 GaN Li2PO4 PZT YTiO3 BaFe12O19 GaP LiCoO2 Sr.5La.5CoO3 Yttria stab ZrO2 BaTiO3 HfO2/Y2O3 LiF SrCoOx ZnO 99.999% Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox La.2Ca.8MnO3 LiNbOx SrCu2O2 ZnO/Al2O3 Bi3Fe5O12 La.67Sr.33MnO3 LiTiO3 SrFeOx ZnO/Sb2O3 BiAlO3 La0.7Sr.3MnO3 MgO SrMnO3 BiCu0.5Mn0.5O3 La1.85Sr.15CuOx Pb.9La.1Zr.65Ti.35Ox SrTiO3

Single crystal targets too!
Metal and Metal Alloy Sputtering Targets

Our low cost metal and metal alloys include Ag, Al, Al/Cu, Al/Si/Cu, Ti/Al, Cr, Ni/Cr, Ni/Cr/Si, Ni/Cr/Al, Cu, In-Sn, Fe, Mg, Mo, Ni, Nb, Si, Ta, Ti, W, W/Ti, Zn and Zr.